An Austrian Classic – Kaiserschmarrn with Plum Compote

As the title says this dish is an absolute Austrian classic and simply reminds me of my childhood. There is no real translation for the word Kaiserschmarrn but the word Kaiser means King and the word Schmarrn actually nonsense. I know it’s a bit wired but the dish goes back […]

applecaramelCookies Melissa Ofoedu Photography for A Sweetpointof View

Apple Caramel Cookies

Sometimes I have the feeling that there is no such thing as apple season. Apples are always in season and the only fruit that is around constantly but officially autum is the apple season. I choose to do these easy apple cookies. I made them first about 10 years back […]

Chocolate Ice Cream vegan vegan (1 von 1)

Vegan Chocolate Chip Ice cream

This delicious chocolate ice cream is completly egg- and milkless and relatively fast to make. This is an absolut classic and reminds me of my childhood. As a child we eat ice cream mainly on Sundays and would visit our local ice cream palor. I was allowed three diffrent scoops […]

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Matcha – White Chocolate Cookie

Okay, by some point you’ll notice that I’m crazy about chocolate and in particular white chocolate but then again Matcha – White chocolate cookies are a classic. The green tea aroma corresponds perfectly with the white chocolate and makes the cookies one of my favorites. I only used two teaspoons […]