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Raw Chocolate Tarte with Grapfruit Chia Marmelade and Coconut Cream

Follow my blog with Bloglovin This raw Chocolate Tarte with Grapefruit – Chia Marmalade and Coconut Cream sounds opulent but it is easy and fast to make. Its a fully raw recipe that is rich with healthy ingredients like the raw Cacao and the fresh Grapefruits that were mixed with […]


Vegan Chocolate Cake with Chai poached Pears

This recipe might not look that healthy to you because of the creamy chocolate and the dense chocolate cake but as always I used alternative sugar and the chai poached pears are packed with healthy components. Finding the right pears can be a tricky business. It`s hard to find the […]


Raw Beet Root Cake with Chocolate Mousse and Agave glazed Figs

I tried this fig recipe in early summer for the first time and it didnt turn out that well. Which is completly normal if you develop recipes but what I didnt know is that there are two seasons for figs so I tried the recipe again this autumn with turkey […]

applecaramelCookies Melissa Ofoedu Photography for A Sweetpointof View

Apple Caramel Cookies

Sometimes I have the feeling that there is no such thing as apple season. Apples are always in season and the only fruit that is around constantly but officially autum is the apple season. I choose to do these easy apple cookies. I made them first about 10 years back […]

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Almondcake with Redcurrant & Gooseberry

Its always wired to make your own birthday cake. I wasnt quite sure which cake to make for myself which other would like as well s i decided on this salty almond cake with Redcurrant & Gooseberry cream and a vanilla butter cream with salted butter scotch caramel.     […]