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Christmas, VEGAN BAKES

Lebanese Christmas Pastry – Ma`amoul

Today I am kicking of the series of International Christmas Recipes with Arabic Ma’amoul or Mamool. It’s a bit hard to pinpoint were these small sweet treats are from or were they originated. They are eaten in greater middle east including Lebanon. However, a friend of mine assures me that […]

Christmas, Seasonal Recipes, VEGAN BAKES

Gingerbread Bundtcake with Chocolate – Mocca Glaze

Its Christmas Season and to be honest I still cant believe it. It seemed like not many weeks ago that I was sitting in the sun enjoying the warm weather. Now the Christmas lights are up in the entire city and seasonal music is playing on the radio already. To […]


Vegan Twisted Breakfast Chocolate CrossBuns

Twisted Breakfast Buns have been a trend in the Bloggesphere for some time, they look great but I didnt think that they would be so difficult to make. After trying a number of recipes on the web and not really being satisfied with the consistency of the dough I decided […]